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Welcome to the Find and Flip Program at New Era Investing. This innovative program is designed to empower you to succeed in the world of real estate flipping. We provide the funding, you find the property, and together we flip it for profit.

Find and Flip Program

How It Works 

We Fund:
  • Financing Made Easy: We provide the necessary funding for your property purchases and renovations, removing the financial barriers that often hold back aspiring flippers.

  • Quick and Reliable Funding: Our streamlined funding process ensures that you can act quickly on promising deals, staying ahead of the competition.

You Find:
  • Identify Opportunities: Use your local market knowledge to find undervalued properties with high potential for appreciation.

  • Leverage Our Expertise: Tap into our network of real estate professionals and tools to help you evaluate and select the best properties to flip

We Flip:
  • Collaborative Renovations: Work with our team of experienced contractors and designers to renovate the property efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Maximize Profit: Benefit from our expertise in property marketing and sales to ensure a quick sale at the highest possible price.


Key Benefits

Our First Time Flippers Program is tailored for individuals new to real estate investment. Whether you're looking to renovate and sell properties for profit or build a portfolio of income-generating assets, our program provides:

Access to Capital

Get the financial backing you need to take advantage of profitable flipping opportunities without the stress of securing traditional loans

Expert Support

Receive guidance and support from our team of real estate and renovation experts throughout the entire flipping process.

Reduced Risk

Minimize your financial risk with our funding support and market insights, allowing you to focus on finding and renovating properties.

Higher Profits

Increase your potential profits with our efficient renovation process and expert marketing strategies, ensuring your flips are both quick and lucrative.

New Remodeled House

How to Get Started

Join the Find and Flip Program today and turn your property flipping dreams into reality. With New Era Investing by your side, you'll have the financial backing, expert support, and market insights needed to succeed

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