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Matthew J. Ramos

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Matt Ramos's entrepreneurial journey is characterized by its remarkable trajectory, highlighted by the inception and nurturing of a groundbreaking healthcare enterprise. Guided by an unwavering commitment and a visionary outlook, Ramos steered the company to unprecedented heights, positioning it strategically for a lucrative sale and promising substantial equity returns. This pivotal achievement not only marked a significant financial milestone but also signified a transformative turning point in Matt's life.

However, it was through this experience that Matt unearthed his true calling — a fervent desire to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and reclaim control over their time. Fueled by this newfound sense of purpose, he pioneered the establishment of New Era Investing, a groundbreaking real estate investment firm aimed at providing hardworking Americans with the tools and opportunities to secure their financial futures.

At the helm of business development, Matt's visionary leadership served as a driving force behind the exponential growth of New Era Investing. Acting as a conduit for the company's expansion, he channeled his passion and expertise into creating a platform for success. Since its inception, New Era Investing has achieved remarkable milestones, including raising over $8 million in capital and orchestrating real estate transactions exceeding $15 million. These accomplishments not only underscore Matt's unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results but also spotlight his dedication to empowering others in achieving financial freedom.

Explore Matt Ramos's journey and the impactful evolution from healthcare entrepreneur to the driving force behind New Era Investing

Matthew J. Ramos
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