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Sagar R. Parekh

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Sagar Parekh, founder of the trailblazing real estate firm, New Era Investing LLC, has significantly impacted the industry by raising over $8 million and driving more than $15 million in sales. With a solid foundation in Business Administration and a deep-seated passion for real estate, Sagar quickly made his mark through strategic foresight and a commitment to creating value. His firm's success stems from meticulous market analysis, robust partner relationships, and a knack for seizing emerging opportunities.

Under Sagar’s leadership, the firm has embarked on transformative projects, from eco-friendly residential developments to revitalizing historic commercial spaces, showcasing a commitment to sustainable growth and community revitalization.

As Sagar looks to the future, his ambitions include expanding the firm's nationwide presence and tapping into new, high-potential markets. He is also deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of real estate professionals, sharing his insights and experiences to inspire and guide aspiring investors.

Sagar Parekh’s journey is a compelling narrative of entrepreneurial spirit, strategic innovation, and impactful leadership. His contributions to the real estate sector have set new benchmarks for success, underscoring his role as a catalyst for change and a mentor for future industry leaders.

Discover more about Sagar Parekh's transformative approach to real estate investing and community development.

Sagar R. Parekh
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